Committing to the Environment with New Coffee Cup Supplier

SnackTime has demonstrated its commitment to the environment with its choice of new coffee vending paper cup supplier. Working with Benders Paper Cup Company, SnackTime is able to provide its coffee, hot chocolate and coffee speciality drinks offerings in paper cups which are recyclable and sustainable.

SnackTime was keen to ensure that its premium drinks were offered in a high quality, attractive cup which would vend problem-free in all coffee machines, whether they were bean to cup, freshbrew or instant coffee vending machines. However, equally important was Bender's commitment to the environment in their production of vending machine cups.

SnackTime's coffee machines can offer 7oz tall or squat, 9oz or premium cafe-style 12oz paper cups. SnackTime's hot drink machines use over 10 mil paper cups each year, and this figure is growing all the time as paper replace plastic cups and customers opt increasingly for the quality 'coffee shop' experience in the workplace.  All cups are printed with non-solvent water-based inks, manufactured from recyled materials where possible and raw materials are obtained from managed, sustainable forestry. In fact, every coffee cup from a SnackTime coffee vending machine is individually coded and is traceable back to the original forest it came from. SnackTime and Benders are also part of the Stora Enso supplier chain which plants 3 trees for every one they use for paper hot drink vending cups. Finally, SnackTime supports Bender's commitment to recycle 99% of the waste from their factory. 

Steve Garner, SnackTime's Buying Director, explained 'We are delighted to be working with Benders to manufacture our paper cups for our coffee vending machines. Their commitment to the environment supports SnackTime's own dedication to constantly review, integrate and improve our corporate social responsibility in all parts of the business.'

Andy Fisher, SnackTime's Sales and Marketing Director, added 'We can now also offer the chance for our key customers to be involved in this commitment to the environment in a very personal way. By working with Benders, we can now also supply corporate branded cups which are manufactured with the same environmental emphasis as any of our standard design paper cups.'

Published on:19/05/2011

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