Interactive Snack Vending Machine for Crisps

Lays in Buenos Aires have teamed up with US supermarket chain Walmart to create a unique interactive crisp sampling machine that creates real potatoe crisps from real potatoes right before your eyes! This live snack vending machine looks completely normal but instead of putting in coins, you put in your potatoes! You can then watch your potatoes as they go through the entire production process from a raw potatoe into a Lays crisp from the snack vending machine.

The interactive snack vending machine to create the crisps enables you to watch your potatoes being washed, peeled, cut, cooked, salted, and delivered to you ready to snack, fresh and hot from the machine. It means that every vending machine customer to this crisp machine know that their crisps are 100% natural crisps!


Published on:19/01/2012

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